Thursday, October 30, 2014


Your only getting about 40% of the nutrients that you need.

and you, just like everyone else are suffering from chronic malnutrition. The root of the problem is nutrients in the soil. The soil has been used and used and the nutrients have been depleted from the soil. The earth has become deficient in nutrients and the purpose of fertilizers are to restore the nutrients in the soil. The problem is that these fertilizers use only 3 or 4 minerals and the soil requires 52. The Calcium, magnesium, zinc and iron are missing just to name a few. When these nutrients are missing the plants grow up weakened and the pests and fungus begins to attack the plants. To combat the pests we used growth stimulants and pesticides and fungicides. This makes the food toxic and when we eat toxic food it makes us toxic. To add to all this our food in most cases has to travel and during this time the nutrients deteriorate. Your food in the best of times is at least a week old. How much nutrients are left? About 40% of what you need. This leaves us with food that doesn't nourish our body's the way it was intended to.

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