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Nutrition is an effective alternative to drug therapy. ADD and ADHD have a significant relationship to vitamins, minerals, oxygen and blood sugar in combinations that are called neurotransmitters. That can only be replaced if the necessary building blocks are present. Proper Nutrition and adequate diet is necessary for a child’s healthy growth.

Nutritional management is one aspect that has been relatively neglected to date. An array of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and essential fatty acids (EFAs), is particularly necessary to support brain development and prevent certain neurologic disorders. Even among older children, a lack of certain dietary components, such as protein, or an insufficient number of calories can negatively affect a child’s learning and behavioral abilities, and vitamin or mineral deficiencies can certainly interfere with learning over the course of a school year. 

Many of our children’s favorite foods are high in sugar, trans fat, caffeine and calories and contain no nutritional value. There is increasing evidence that many children with behavioral problems are sensitive to one or more food components that can negatively impact their behavior. Factors such as food additives, refined sugars, food sensitivities/allergies, and fatty acid deficiencies have all been linked to ADHD. In general, diet modification plays a major role in the management of ADHD and should be considered.

Patricia Butts and ADHD/Autistic Son – North Aurora, IL
We were looking for answers for our son who was dealing with ADHD, sensory problems, high functioning autism that came along with a learning disability, anxiety and depression symptoms, migraines, enlarged tonsils and rages.  His quality of life was dismal, he was losing math and reading skills and the schools couldn’t help him. Our family life was suffering because so much energy was put into dealing with my son’s issues. We had tried so much in the form or food interventions. We were dye free, preservative free, organic as much as we could grow/afford. We cooked from scratch and were dairy free. In the early years we had some marked success, but over time this success diminished. After hearing about the Reliv products through stories, we had hope that compelled us to give the products to our son. I took the products first to make sure that I could be consistent, not knowing what to expect. Within the first month I had amazing energy that I hadn’t seen in years and sinus problems that I had been dealing with for over 10 years were gone. This was proof for us that these products really did support our bodies to function better. We got our son on the products and saw changes in his migraines and tonsils at first. After 5 months of consistency and finding the right products for his body, my son seemed to have a veil lifted from his life. He spent the summer reading and doing things with normal amounts of effort instead of arguing and throwing tantrums. He has been on the products over three years now and continues to grow in his ability to learn and take on tasks that weren't possible before. He has volunteered to read out loud from books and joined the track team – working hard to participate at the level that he can. We have great hope for his future now because of these product and we will never be without them.

Don and Janice Grant - Hilton, New York"
It was scary," says Janice of Hilton, New York. Her son Donald who was 11 at the time, suffered from attention deficit disorder. His doctor put him on Ritalin like other kids with ADD. After a year on the medication, Donald got worse. "Donald began having nightmares and developed insomnia," Janice recalls. "He got very thin and suffered anxiety attacks. His development just stopped." Her husband Don heard about Reliv and got their son started on Reliv Now and Reliv Innergize nutritional supplements. In three months, Donald started improving. He development sped up, he was more alert, and stopped having nightmares. Within eight months, his doctor took him off Ritalin. "He was a changed person," Janice relates. "His development caught up and he's now a happy normal child. We are so pleased with the Reliv products."  (Reprinted from Reliv Lifestyle magazine)

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