Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Reliv's Humble beginings.

What is Reliv? Dr. Ted Kalogris worked with the World Health Organization in the 50's warning about the declining nutrients in our food system.
Dr. Ted was adamant that if you provide the body with the right fuel/nutrition then the body will carry out a process of repairing itself. He added "For an individual to be healthy, chemicals, minerals and vitamins must be balanced through proper nutrition." Dr. Ted achieved this mindset with a vigorous pursue of his project, giving over 10yrs of research development and over 850 separate trials of dedication, he consumed the end results now know as Classic today. This led to him eventually being able to leave his wheel chair when all available medical experts concluded he never would. In his own struggle for a better quality of life, Dr. Ted created the first patented nutritional product that has left a legacy of change in peoples lives all over the world. RCN# 173198904 http://bit.ly/1nOkf2B
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